Posted: Sep 20, 2012 5:02 pm
by HughMcB
Spearthrower wrote:The first course I signed up for was Astrobiology & the search for extraterrestrial life. That's a course of distilled awesome any way you look at it.

I signed up for that (and coursera in general) when the thread on it came out. I'm sure that was the same time for you too. Looking forward to that one. Awsumz.

Spearthrower wrote:I was planning to skip this year because I am so feckin busy, but this one starts soon and others here are doing it, so I've signed up!

Don't tie yourself up mate if you don't have time. But if you do, I'll be sure to pick your brains. :)

Spearthrower wrote:It'll be grand if we can all share our experiences - might encourage others to get involved too!

Let's start a thread up when the course opens! :cheers:

Fo' shizzle.