Posted: Sep 20, 2012 5:05 pm
by HughMcB
Spearthrower wrote:I though a lot of people who partake regularly in the Creationism forum would leap on such a course as it would give them a much better understanding of the arguments being written here.

Maybe they will. Still a few weeks to go to sign up.

Spearthrower wrote:I haven't personally done any of the courses yet, but I had an interesting surprise a couple of weeks back when one of my students told me she was doing a course on Finance on Coursera. Obviously, her English is very high level so she can do it, but if this idea takes hold, then this could make a huge difference to countries like Thailand! I'll be pointing all my students with a high level of English to go there from now on. I really see wonderful things for this, but I am trying to stop myself waxing lyrical until the ball really starts rolling.

I'm doing the one on World History since 1300 right now. It's pretty interesting but I'm pretty good at general History so it's nothing too taxing just yet. Generally though it's a nice overview.