Posted: Apr 26, 2010 10:24 am
by Blackadder
My 7 year old step-daughter went to kindergarten and Year 1 at a Catholic school, for convenience not because we are Catholic. The only alternative was a completely crap school miles away. So she would come home with her head full of the usual Jebus nonsense that Catholics indoctrinate their children with. As she was so young, I didn't kick up a big fuss, preferring to wait until she started to ask questions (which she most certainly would) and then answer them honestly.

We moved two years ago and she has been in a non-denominational school since but was still clinging to belief in God and heaven. However last term she had a school project on our solar system and I spent a long time answering her (hundreds of :lol:) questions about space and our universe and how it began.

Today in the car on the way to school she floored me with these questions:

1. Why did the Big Bang happen and where did matter come from?
2. If scientists think that everything that exists come out of the thing that caused the Big Bang, then do I think that God exists?

To be confronted by the big Gawd question at the age of 7 and so soon after she started learning about space was so amazingly exciting that I have been smiling from ear to ear all morning. I look forward to showing this beautiful, intelligent child how to discover FACTS and how to distinguish them from WOO and to set her off on a life's journey of learning, which will continue long after I am gone. This is what makes life so worth living.