Posted: Mar 16, 2013 3:45 am
by reddix
GT2211 wrote:Signing up for the Beginners Guide to Irrational Behavior with Dan Ariely who is one of my favorite economists and won the Nobel in medicine a few years back. Its only 6 weeks and statement of accomplishment(?) is given for those who complete it. Probably won't sign up for anything else until I get this first one under my belt as I don't what to expect workload wise.

The "statement of accomplishment" is pretty much useless, btw. For one thing, on standard accounts, they don't have a way to check if you are cheating or not. :dopey: Even with the premium "signature track" statements (where they attempt to verify your RL identity), they are only useful if the prospective employer decides to give them credit.

It's important to remember that MOOC courses such as these are still in their infancy and are mainly offered for the value of learning for learning's sake rather than for credit. On one course I'm currently taking, Internet History, Technology, and Security, the assessment structure is set up so that it is pretty hard to fail the course. But there is a lot of extra resources, and topics that spin off of the main lectures. It's great. I personally learn better in these no pressure environments. :shifty:

Question for those who have taken the courses; are the reading materials provided or am I expected to buy these books? In this case he lists three of his own texts. I see some of these other courses have textbooks listed for which I wouldn't have money for atm.

Reading material of some sort should be provided. Textbooks and other supplementary books are not generally required. At least not in any of the courses I have been in.