Posted: Apr 19, 2015 1:02 am
by pcCoder
I remember my first sex-ed class in the forth or fifth grade. We learned the basics of what sex was and some about the physical anatomy. During these classes, we were separated by gender. Health class also discussed the topics during P.E. in middle school for about one week each year. I attended all of them except one. We were still required to get our parents to sigh a permission slip. In high school, we had a sex-ed class without separating the genders. I remember discussion of abstinence, but not as a religious obligation or anything like that, just as an option. We also discussed a variety of different birth control methods as well, and I believe abortion was briefly discussed, basically just describing what it was. There was no push in one direction or another about anything, just a conveyance of information. This was in North Carolina public schools, ~1993-1998.