Posted: May 13, 2015 1:33 pm
by tolman
Jerome Da Gnome wrote:So nobody is allowed by the court to tell their experience regarding the court case.

Possibly much may depend on whether restrictions are purely to avoid breaching the privacy/anonymity of the child by anyone publishing details (possibly including their own details) which could lead to the child's identification, or whether there are other factors involved.

Again, IANAL, and I'm not aware of the specifics regarding someone simply talking to other people.

Jerome Da Gnome wrote:Is the child so constrained in perpetuity?

IANAL, but if the sole point was to protect the child's privacy, I'm not sure that they would be constrained at all, at any age, from talking about their circumstances.
Whether anyone else has some legitimate expectation of privacy regarding details of the court case if it came to them having been required to reveal personal information, I really wouldn't know.