Posted: Nov 24, 2015 5:03 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Just some background info, I'm currently doing my final intern ship as part of teaching course at the university.

This morning I was teaching one of my classes, 15-17 years old.
While student X went to the bathroom and I was talking to another student, someone took the books of student X from their bag and hid them in a cupboard in the back of the class.
Student X was, no surprise, visibly upset by this. When I asked the students around them who had taken his stuff and demanded they return it immediately, everyone acted as if they didn't what I was talking about.
Since no-one wanted to fess up, I told the entire class that I would not tolerate this kind of behaviour and that if the books were not returned before the end of class, the entire class would get detention.

So finally, with one minute left, one student retrieved the books from the cupboard and handed them back.
When I asked them why he would do such a thing, he said that someone had handed them to him. When I asked who, he said he would not tell.
Therefore I told him that, until he does tell, everything would be his responsibility and that I would contact his tutor/counsellor (not sure what the correct word is in English, the teacher who manages your affairs during the year).

So I mailed his tutor which also happened to be the tutor of the victim and we're going to discuss the matter tomorrow.

Again, student X got visibly upset by the situation and mentioned how 'everyone/many people' were 'out to get him', leading me to suspect he's not fitting in well with the rest of the group and possibly being bullied on a regular basis.

I would appreciate it if people with teaching experience would give their view on the situation.
Criticisms and advise are both welcome. Mainly I'm looking to create a safe teaching environment and how to deal with the culprits.