Posted: Nov 24, 2015 5:49 pm
by UncertainSloth
aye, possibly something deeper here than meets the eye, especially with the 'victim' reacting in such a way...

if the 'hider' did so, then it's the correct approach to ensure they assume full responsibility for their actions - however, ironclad's right in wondering whether he's just a scapegoat and actually played no part in it, in which case there's work to be done with him as well...

the whole thing about 'pranks' is kids have no concept of the helicopter view - they may see it as harmless fun and disregard the psychological effect it may be having upon their target, particularly at that work with them as much as the 'victim' is, again, correct

with the 'tutor' (would this be form tutor, head of year?) spend the time to get to grips with the situation and dig back to its roots - only then can you start working to improve things from now on

tbh, ive taught primary kids for over 20 years but im pretty sure the approach is the same....;)

whoever said teaching was an easy job.....? :doh: