Posted: Nov 25, 2015 3:52 pm
by Doubtdispelled
laklak wrote:I learned a lot about bullying back in the day. Yeah, they're going to blame the victim. The kid who turned in the books will likely get the shit kicked out of him after school. You might be able to stop the bullying in your classroom, Thomas, but you can't stop it outside the schoolyard. From my rather extensive experience as a punching bag THAT is where the truly nasty shit happens. All the counselors in the world and all the detention periods available won't stop it, the only solution is violence, and it is unfortunately up to the victim to initiate it. Bullies are bullies are bullies and they only understand one thing.

I disagree that violence is the only solution. Although.... it is one. :shifty: When my daughter was quite small a lad tormented her in the local playground. Speaking to his parents made no difference so I told her she would have to kick him up the bum. She did, and he stopped.

Then when a former junior school friend of my middle son was for some reason bent on making his life a misery just after they moved up to secondary, and a lot of that was on the bus, the school didn't seem to be able to do anything about it so I wrote a long letter to his mother telling her all the things he was doing. The bullying stopped immediately. Not that I think his mother would have been violent to him, god-fearing woman that she is, but I imagine the atmosphere in their home after receipt of the letter was less than pleasant.