Posted: Nov 25, 2015 5:16 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Strontium Dog wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:I'll kindly ask you once to not derail this thread with your insipid trolling.

What trolling? What derail? You asked for advice, and I gave it. If you just wanted people to blow smoke up your arse, that's too bad.

The part where you ask if I wasn't aware that no-one wanted to admit who had hidden the books, when I made it perfectly clear in the OP that that was the case, among other things like your support for bully anonymity and covering up for bullies.
And just now your peurile remarks about blowing smoke which I have not suggested in any way.

Strontium Dog wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Strontium Dog wrote:So why single out for punishment the only person who did the right thing by returning the stolen items?

Because I'm not singling him out, he's singled himself out, by admitting he hid the books, ie was involved and added to that not admitting who else was involved.

The whole class is involved.

Since you weren't there, nor have I expressed anything of the sort in any of my points, this nothing but a blind assertion.

Strontium Dog wrote: They were all there, all saw what happened, all saw who hid the books, all did nothing, except the one pupil who returned the books.

Just to be clear, you are claiming to have some form of clairvoyance that has granted you this knowledge?

Strontium Dog wrote:Punishing the only one of them who co-operated is a sure fire way of ensuring nobody bothers to do the right thing next time. Well done you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Except, anyone who'd actually bothered to read what I posted, he did not co-operate. I immediately demanded the books be returned and he didn't until I had threatened with detention and at the final minute of the lesson.
And your continued inflammatory remarks can be stuffed right were you got them from SD. I've not interest in your disingenuous posts.