Posted: Nov 15, 2017 11:25 am
by Cito di Pense
Keep It Real wrote:This thread isn't about AI - at least it wasn't supposed to be.

Well, I'm sure you can tell us what this thread is (supposed to be) about.

This place is known for, among other things, screeds against the world not turning out the way someone wanted it to. While this is allowed, it's spawned by a silly belief that communicating dully with a dozen people is going to inspire them to spread your salvific message.

Keep It Real wrote:anarchoprimitivism is wack

See wot I mean?

Macdoc wrote:I would say you need not be a burrowing specialist for Hawking and Musk to make use of their public visibility to bring the matter to attention.

And again, but in the opposite direction (I'm guessing).

Keep It Real wrote:Those mini weapon drones are pretty fucking frightening no doubt. My mate...well acquaintance now :roll: has got a hoody with a concealed pull down face veil. Wouldn't that beat them?

Look: Paranoia is justified if they're really out to get you. Otherwise, it's (at it's mildest) some kind of narcissism. When it's not at its mildest, it's no fun at all. If this is an opinion you don't fancy, it's just an opinion, and it might not go viral.

Macdoc wrote:Arguing from unproven authority about risk assessment of a rapidly emerging field ??? - doesn't cut it.

Oh, it's easy enough to see that you recognize experts when it suits you. Expertise - recognizing that is more hit-or-miss with you. I can't tell you not to get out more, you and your globetrotting carbon footprint.