Posted: Nov 15, 2017 2:56 pm
by Keep It Real
Cito di Pense wrote:The basis of encroaching terrorism / government suppression is not a creeping Big Brother tendency without a stimulus. As long as people keep flocking to urban centers of economic activity, unpleasant security problems and solutions are going to emerge.

Physical proximity isn't the problem IMO. It's having the unwise in power.

I know you'd rather ten guilty persons went free than one innocent person unjustly incarcerated or executed.

I've never considered that dilemma before, and now that I have I think you are diametrically incorrect about my opinion.

Blame the fecundity and greed of fellow ground apes who have no fucking bearing on the reins of government other than that they're stupid and they vote.

That's what I said innit?

I know you'd rather see some more direct biological competition, but you're just seeing all this potential as something else, something artificial.

I can't really parse that I'm afraid Cito, but I will say that I made a drum and bass track when I was 17/18 and recorded myself saying "everything is ultimately natural" as a spoken word sample.