Posted: Apr 16, 2018 7:05 pm
by Chris Putnam
[quote="aban57";p="2626959" We could also forbid the teaching, in all schools, not just public ones, of anything that is not supported by a solid amount of evidence. That would solve the problem within a handful of generations.[/quote]

Unfortunately people will not agree as to the strength of the evidence about various ideas, be those ideas religious or scientific. A christian will insist that the evidence for the historicity and accuracy of the Bible is sufficient to warrant their faith, and others will repudiate that notion. This debate rages on and on with both sides standing their ground. It has been said by others that "whoever controls what is taught in the schools, controls the minds of the next generation". I agree with the idea that critical thinking needs to become a way of life. Censoring school curriculum by the government, especially that of private schools, has and always will be a battleground. This is definitely the case in America. Should people be free to practice their religious faith without interference from the government? This question itself leads to a firestorm debate. A complex issue in a pluralistic land.

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