Posted: Apr 16, 2018 9:26 pm
by SpeedOfSound
Chris Putnam wrote:Across America there are countless christian fundamentalists who send their children to such school as the parents see fit to teach their religious viewpoints. Countless others teach their own children in a home school environment. These children are taught strict Biblical doctrine regarding many topics from young Earth creationism to the return of Christ in the Book of Revelation and everything in between. This is also done in other religions such as Islam, Mormanism, etc. Should these practices be allowed. I know of some who view this as a form of child abuse.

Comments anyone?

I just found out that my niece, who I had great hope for, converted to Fundie and is home-schooling her children. They just visited the Noah's ark museum. My nephew has adult children, in Texas (go figure), that were home-schooled as fundamentalist and strict, no music, no dance, xtians. His son disappeared off the earth for awhile and then appeared one day at their door. He proceeded to try and stab his parents to death. Then he disappeared for a few years again and recently was found to be living in his car in Oregon with his new wife and two children. He is now also claiming to have become a she. :?

(anecdotes) but fuck!