Posted: Apr 16, 2018 9:58 pm
by Chris Putnam
Children have rights outside of their parents concern. Societies cannot continue to disallow basic human rights to the most vulnerable segment of our population. Unless of course one thinks that they are unformed fetuses until they turn 18?[/quote]

If a fundie looked at this post they could consider the abuse kids in American public school take. The argument could be that such abuse happens all over and it is in no wise limited to private religious school. Sometimes the abuse comes from unscrupulous teachers abusing students, or students abusing their peers. It goes on in public, private and home school environments and is not limited to religious people. Kids must be protected from physical and sexual abuse without a doubt.

Truly though I wish to redirect his thread to its original intent. To discuss kids being indoctrinated into a belief system of a religious nature and a belief in the fundamentals of that faith system. Multitudes of kids are taught young earth creationism, Noah's flood (thousands visit the Ark Encounter), Moses, and the fundamentals of biblical Christianity. The bible becomes the "inerrant" guide that they live by. These kids frequently have loving kind parents that provide well (no abuse) and they may excel academically. Regardless, is the practice of educating kids this way acceptable?

Please continue and thank you for your posts