Posted: Apr 17, 2018 10:27 pm
by Thommo
One important thing to remember is that whatever fundamentalists might say, about whatever group, the situation is not symmetric.

Nobody in their right mind wants schools to teach atheism. Schools should teach facts and knowledge, many would say that should include religious education (which is to say facts about religions, rather than the truth of those religions), but honestly you can exclude that with minimal loss anyway.

Schools which teach neither a religion nor atheism work just fine. If parents want to indoctrinate their kids then they need to do it on their own time (or send them to bible study group, sunday school, church, temple, mosque or whatever). If they're too lazy to do that, then let the kids work things out for themselves and reach their own conclusion.

Even if you want to include certain values of a society in its schools, there's no need to get religion, or the lack of it, involved. Kids can learn sharing, tolerance, kindness and friendship without any metaphysical input at all. Most do already.