Posted: Apr 17, 2018 11:56 pm
by Chris Putnam
Thommo wrote:

Schools should teach facts and knowledge, many would say that should include religious education (which is to say facts about religions, rather than the truth of those religions), but honestly you can exclude that with minimal loss anyway.

Fundamentalists would argue about what "facts" are. In a debate with William Lane Craig bishop Shelby admitted that much of their debate could have been about what really is a "scholar". WLC had his and bishop Shelby had his. They both stood by their respective "scholars" and cited their "facts". Some PhDs say the facts reveal a young Earth and the Fundamentalists ride on these ideas. Atheists repudiate them. I guess I am saying that I believe people have a right to educate their kids the way they see fit. Christian kids sometimes grow up and reject the faith of their parents. Some university trained atheists become Christians. Both sides claim scientific peer reviewed research supporting their side. I hate to think of a quest for truth as something we take sides on, but it seems to be the case on many issues.It clearly has always been a battleground for education.

Thank you for your thoughtful responses.