Posted: Apr 18, 2018 5:46 am
by Thommo
I wouldn't want a list of names. Any quantity so small it could be listed would be utterly irrelevant in the scientific consensus of tens of thousands of professors and millions of past and present postgraduates in the relevant fields.

I'm more than a bit puzzled why Ken Ham might top such a list too, he has an undergraduate degree in applied science, not a PhD and certainly did not come to his view by looking at the scientific evidence. It sounds like you're making a pretty good case that there is an unchallenged scientific consensus of an old Earth as well, which is probably good, because that's the case. And that's why it's perfectly appropriate to teach it in schools and in a different category from either atheism or any religion.

There are lots of beliefs that make you an outsider (e.g. believing the Queen of England is the latest in a line of ruling alien lizard people won't make you popular in the history department, belief that pi=4 won't make you popular in the mathematics or physics departments, believing that AIDS is a hoax won't make you popular in the medical school etc.), that is not a virtue. It's not indicative of anything, especially not educational value or merit in deciding curricula at primary or secondary schools.