Posted: Apr 18, 2018 10:31 am
by SpeedOfSound
Chris Putnam wrote:[
Truly though I wish to redirect his thread to its original intent. To discuss kids being indoctrinated into a belief system of a religious nature and a belief in the fundamentals of that faith system. Multitudes of kids are taught young earth creationism, Noah's flood (thousands visit the Ark Encounter), Moses, and the fundamentals of biblical Christianity. The bible becomes the "inerrant" guide that they live by. These kids frequently have loving kind parents that provide well (no abuse) and they may excel academically. Regardless, is the practice of educating kids this way acceptable?

Please continue and thank you for your posts

I think it should be illegal. Period. A requirement. Kids as property is no longer viable. Further, Muslims and Christians should be shit upon in every possible way until they get a grip and acquire some basic reasoning skills. No more 'right to believe'. Let's go all Hannity on these motherfuckers.