Posted: Apr 18, 2018 10:45 am
by SpeedOfSound
Chris Putnam wrote:
But I can here the Fundamentalists describe you with the same words as you describe them. They will stand and argue their point, fully believing it is justified. They will wish to train their kids accordingly. I just can't help but think that restricting peoples ideological parameters in relationship to how they desire to raise their kids will eventually end up giving great power to people who most certainly should not have it.

The idea is to not restrict anything. Removing restrictive cellular(bubbles) closeting of children. My nephews wife would not have gotten away with the rape of my great-nephews body or mind were he not strictly home-schooled. The inspiration for home schooling can have two sources. One, to provide a better or 'greater' education. Two, to prevent ideas from hitting the children in the face. There is a censorship culture concerning children and it is the root of this evil.

Nothing wrong with augmenting your child's education with some home schooling. I did a ton of that. But I never felt compelled to prevent my kids from going to the mostly christian leaning public schools in our neighborhood. My instincts were good and much like exposing your children to a healthy amount of filth strengthens their immune response my sons exposure to 'christian values' in the community strengthened their critical thinking. Had I just kept them home in our scientistic shell they would not have been balanced.