Posted: Oct 08, 2018 3:14 pm
by Hermit
My father kicked me out a few months after I finished secondary school. Something to do with me yelling that I was going to murder him. I can't remember that, but my middle sister witnessed our argument, and she told me later that is what I said. I do remember creating a hole in my room's door by throwing a radio at it, so I guess I might have also made that threat.

Being kicked out was a good thing for everybody, including me. I would have stayed at home indefinitely, doing nothing much at all besides going surfing and earning enough money to keep my Kombi on the road. I (eventually) learnt to stay on my own two feet instead. And yes, my temper has improved too.

As for child support generally, my oldest sister says she knows somebody in Germany who had to pay child support until his sun turned 30. I can't find a reference to a law that says so, though. And then there's this story from Spain. Report from The Telegraph, though, so keep a pinch of salt at hand.