Posted: Jan 28, 2019 8:22 pm
by viocjit
I want infos about "Excel High School" ( ) who say it's a legitimate school that deliver "High School Diploma" over Internet.

I'm sceptical about this statement because I don't think we can get a legit diploma from Internet.
I think it's a rogue school. Am I right ?

They say there are accredited by the non-profit , non-governmental organization AdvancED ( ... onId=25182 ) and that is true.
This High School is listed as a non-public school in a website of Minnesota Department of Education under the tag 0284-31-022 : ... show/14842

You can read there some of their claims :

It's weird but this school or pseudo-school is registered in the University of California a-g course program : ... ution/5060

Is this a mill diploma like I think ?