Posted: Apr 16, 2019 5:00 am
by tuco
I'm With Stupid wrote:
tuco wrote:Indeed, it's a let's say a curious method. Who OK'ed it, well, who came up with it? I mean, what is the reasoning, what is it based on?

I think it's more based on stopping a kid disrupting the rest of the class, rather than benefiting the disruptive kid themselves. They had it at my secondary school growing up, but I only remember it being used once for about a week. It was basically one step below suspension and definitely not designed to be used for any sort of extended period. And what it would probably mean is that you spend the week doing work in the headteacher's office. But yeah, the main reason for it is lack of funding to have a dedicated staff member to deal with troubled kids.

Out of curiosity, how disruptive one had to be to get isolated? Practical example? My education was during the so-called communist era and I have never seen or heard about isolation boot and I've been pretty disruptive myself.

Apparently, isolation boot philosophy continues to adulthood, right?