Posted: Apr 16, 2019 9:42 am
by UncertainSloth
the failing in this particular situation is the length of time it's been applied for such a length of time without other appropriate intervention or action

the problem is, it takes a huge amount of time, case-building, hierarchy of intervention and action before a school can even consider exclusion in our current system...coming from a primary perspective, we've been building a case against a specific child for 6 months and we're still nowhere near a final consequence - like many other aspects of our system, there are so many hoops to jump through, often while spinning plates at the same time, before anything can be achieved...gone are the days early in my career when i could lob a child in my car, drive them home and dump them on their parents...;)

Spearthrower wrote:

My attempts ran into problems right away.

It seems there are as many different terms for it as there are schools: reflection rooms, time-out spaces, meditation booths...

added to the difficulty is that some of the above can work differently to isolation...e.g. a reflection room is more like an in-school time detention room with multiple pupils, often a step before isolation...there is a myriad of different terms but different schools can have them placed at different stages in their own behaviour policy

it can also be argued that the aforementioned 'inclusion' has increased the need for such action...i'd argue it's much more complex than that