Posted: Apr 16, 2019 12:32 pm
by Spearthrower
UncertainSloth wrote:bib 1
apologies if i worded that wrongly - i was referring to where you stated that you found it difficult to process it...perhaps belief is too strong a word

No worries. I don't know if you recall me from years ago, but I've spent more than 20 years out of the UK, so I am falling further and further out of touch with occurrences there and rationales for those occurrences.

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i explained that above - the processes are far more complex and lengthy - i know of an ex-pupil of mine that launched a firework at a lunchtime supervisor at his secondary school...he remained there...

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don't get me started... :lol:


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i don't think i am, apologies if it comes across that way, just trying to give an up-to-date perspective
i would agree it's always happened, though your school sounds almost like what would be considered a unit these days, but it is recognisable to me that the numbers have grown, added to the inclusion of complex send needs, either in or alongside those students...'

I believe my school was one of the pilot schools for the Academy system, although that was a few years after I left. I think the only way was up there, though!

Actually, there was a documentary on my school way back then which I was front and centre on, but I can't recall the damn name of the show.

isolation is there to be used as a short term reflective tool...unfortunately, in a lot of cases, it's not...whether that is reflective of the school or the government is key to the discussion, i suppose....

I have to say that from the sounds of it, it's largely from the government, but not all schools are equal or equally funded. I think Labour needs to offer a real alternative to the Conservative education platform - something's got to happen, and it would be ideal if that occurred before everything breaks.