Posted: Apr 16, 2019 6:12 pm
by Fallible
surreptitious57 wrote:I once heard a mother say she took her daughter on holiday with her during school time but made
her do a specific amount of homework each day so that she didnt fall behind the rest of the class

Nowadays middle class parents are more likely to take holidays at any time of the year rather than just in the
school holidays and so this approach makes excellent practical sense and it may be quite widespread anyway

Why should hard working middle class parents be limited to when they can take their children on holidays ?
Especially as travel companies deliberately hike up prices during the summer just to make a big fat profit ?

Nowadays a child doesnt need to be in a classroom to learn as all they need is a computer and nothing else

Middle class parents really dont need a school lecturing them about how important their childs education is
They already know that but are overall responsible for their childs welfare which is not just their education

Give the child homework that they can do online and then let the parents decide when to take them on holiday
And stop threatening them with fines just in case they do so at a time that is convenient to them not the school
Fining is so nanny state it really is - but has it ever occurred to schools that a holiday can also be an education ?

God I don't know, why should anything that's slightly unpleasant or unfair happen to anyone? Why should I have skin that burns easily? Why should I have to go to work to pay the bills when others don't? Why should poor old middle class parents have to pay more to take their kids on a holiday when they don't have a legal obligation to make sure they're in school? Obviously it's all the fault of schools for having to jump through constantly moving government hoops, not the fault of that government, or of a travel industry out to make as much money as possible. Talk about first world problems. Where's your indignation at the way the government affects kids by squeezing budgets so parents have to provide schools with toilet paper and books - you know, just the basic things kids need in order to be able to learn comfortably? FFS...