Posted: Apr 18, 2019 2:52 am
by surreptitious57
Keep It Real wrote:
I have lost enough sleep / peace of mind over surr for the whole board and way beyond. He is not of this world basically
although is civilised in his own way at least and thats a lot more than can be said about oh so many so kudos to him

I seriously hope you are not wasting your time worrying about me

As far as my civility is concerned well it is just basic manners which anyone is capable of so it is nothing special
I see zero point in being angry online because it only inhibits engaging discourse and can be counter productive
Also I am routinely surrounded by vastly more intelligent people than me both here and else where so humility
is the order of the day rather than arrogance. And I am also old [ 55 ] so I no longer have the spoons for aggro

But please stop worrying about me since I am not in the absolute least deserving of yours or anyone elses sympathy
I am an eternal nobody and it suits me just fine because being anonymous makes me as free as as I can possibly be