Posted: Apr 18, 2019 6:17 pm
by I'm With Stupid
surreptitious57 wrote:
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:
There is too much learning benefit from being in class with colleagues and instructors to just slap slides and notes up online

Some learn better in a classroom environment while others learn better studying alone
There is no universal one size fits all so what works for some will not work for others

To some extent perhaps. And depending on the skill or area. There's nobody who learns to drive a car better by reading a book about it rather than practising with a driving instructor.

From the little I've read on the subject, generally speaking if an educational intervention is an improvement over the prevailing methods, it's an improvement for everyone, not an improvement for some and a regression for others. It may, of course, be a bigger improvement for some than others. And there will likely be outliers, and the outliers are probably the same people who struggle and/or are disruptive in school. But as far as I'm aware, other than recognised conditions like Aspergers, there's no concrete evidence to suggest that certain people learn more effectively in one way and others learn more effectively in another. And it's not like there's been a lack of research, because a lot of people have been very invested in this idea of learning styles in education for a long time now.

Having said that, would the idea that "some learn best by studying alone" not be an argument in favour of isolation? ;)