Posted: Sep 02, 2019 1:16 am
by OlivierK
So, anyway, one of my kids is a pretty decent (field) hockey player...

Yesterday, his team had a crunch finals match: winners to the Grand Final, season over for the losers. Both teams seemed nervous and payed poorly for a 0-0 half time score. Things picked up in the third quarter, and a scoring opportunity fell to my son. He kinda mishit his shot, but a teammate was able to scramble it in for a scrappy goal. 1-0 up at 3/4 time. Our team couldn't keep momentum up, though, and gave away a penalty in the fourth quarter, coolly taken by a girl who doesn't miss many. 1-1. Then, with 7 seconds left on the clock, our team gave away another penalty, which would end their season if it was converted (hockey penalty corners aren't quite the almost-sure thing football penalties are, but they're certainly good scoring chances for good players). Our goalie saved it, and sent the final into extra time, which in hockey is played under Golden Goal rules where the first score ends the match.

When extra time started, the opposition had the hit off. They passed to their best player, who picked out a player standing wide near half-way and sent a good pass. Then came one of those moments that all sporty kids dream of: my son used his (considerable) speed to intercept the pass, and break away from the player it was intended for, rounded the fullback with a cool fake to the right and run to the left, did the same in reverse to round their 'keeper, and ran it all the way into the goal. 20 seconds into extra time - game over - Grand Final place secured - mobbed by teammates. Straight out of the huddle to shake hands and commiserate with the opposition.

Super-super-proud dad moment. On Father's Day. :awesome: :happydance: