Posted: Sep 07, 2019 3:02 am
by I'm With Stupid
We like to think of medicine as a very scientific thing, but every now and again a completely unproven treatment gets through and then is presumably taught as a valid treatment to the next generation. I've been having physio for the last month or so after I broke my ankle and one of the treatments is using ultrasound around the wound to reduce swelling or speed up healing. The first time they did it, I thought "this has got to be bollocks" so I googled it as they were doing it, and it turns out there's no evidence for it at all. There is presumably a stage where somebody looked at the science around it and it was a plausible hypothesis. Perhaps a flawed study even showed is effectiveness, but then you've got to figure there are big companies making those machines, and it they can sell a few to every physiotherapist in the world, then that's a lot of money to be made. As a patient, you just want to follow the doctor's instructions, so you just do what they say.