Posted: Apr 25, 2020 8:03 pm
by BrettA
Well, why not :) ... My eldest, who completed his Masters degree at Carleton University in IR (International Relations) late last year and had been interested in Turkey and done his thesis on Turkey, had spent a couple of summers at Canada's Global Affairs, and within days of his convocation received a phone call from them saying that there was an opening coming up for the Turkish Desk Officer and asking if he'd be interested in applying for it. He'd had plans to move to Whitehorse for a year or so (girlfriend), but chose instead to apply for the job and he nailed it! :cheers: This was a dream job for him and he's enjoying it immensely, and they've already flown him to Ankara for a short trip just as Covid-19 started making the news.

And my youngest has probably two years to go for his Masters at the University of Lethbridge in something to do with (primarily) DNA... though I'm at a loss to go into detail other than he's also a TA, mainly worked in a lab and is also enjoying it greatly. Dad is super-proud of them both! :grin: The next generation of the family is in good hands.