Posted: Oct 08, 2022 6:41 am
by don't get me started
Evolving wrote:What a horrible litany of needless suffering.

And you have to consider the brass fucking neck of these Abrahamic types who claim that their faith is based on morality.
Yeah, right. What kind of moral code manages to find place for prohibitions on figurative art and mandated holidays in the top ten things you need to do to be a good person?

You'd think 'thou shalt not engage in activities which will kill children, or cause them to die by neglect' might have made it into the top ten.
Along with, 'Thou shalt not rape or engage in any other non consensual sexual activity' or 'Thou shalt not hold any person as a slave' which should have been up there in the list of things that sinning humanity really needed to be told not to do.

Mind you, given the craven moral cowardice and obsession with power, control and punishment that many of the Abrahamics have demonstrated over the centuries, they would have found a way round these commandments.