Posted: Aug 06, 2010 6:51 am
by The_Metatron
pennypitstop wrote:
The_Metatron wrote:My youngest boy, named after the Hardrada, will be three at the end of this month. He's been crapping in a toilet for over a week now. Muuuch nicer. His older brother, the Protector, acquired this skill earlier, I think. But, we didn't see the need to fight either one over it.

The tipping point seems to be when you get them into regular underwear instead of a diaper. It's much more uncomfortable for them to soil underwear, so gives them incentive to eliminate elsewhere.

Our first go with the younger was to simply take his diaper off and catch him in time. Yeah. The first time he crapped without the diaper, there was shit on the floor, shit between his toes from him stomping in it, shit on his hands from wiping it off his legs, shit in his hair from wiping his hands off, shit in Mom's hair for the same reason. Pretty much shit everywhere. That didn't go very well.

I suspect toilet training happened earlier when cloth diapers were in use, because of the discomfort of wearing a piss soaked, crap filled cloth diaper. These new disposables form a nice gel and are much more comfortable to wear loaded, as it were. I think.


Well last week my daughter was going outside to crap on the patio then yelling at the flies that to 'GO AWAY IT'S MY POO!'. :shifty: This week she's been asking to go to the toilet for wees and poos and today managed a trip to the local nature reserve without any accidents in her knickers. :thumbup:

The first time my oldest crapped in the garden, he didn't get any on him or anything. Then my dog ran up and ate it.