Posted: Aug 08, 2010 2:16 am
by Durro
Hi Guys,

We had a small disaster yesterday at the Ignite performance at the kids' school. In the pre-show clowning around before the final show Saturday night, Matthew slipped on a polished wooden floor in front of the audience (we were knocking a beach ball around with the audience) and he came down HARD on his arm. I had to assist him out of the auditorium to the foyer, where he promptly went pale, sweaty, nauseous and was in a lot of pain with his arm at the wrist and elbow. His fingers were numb and he was in tears. We iced it, put his arm in a sling and gave him some Ibuprofen.

This all about 30 minutes before their clown act during the performance...


Fortunately, I was dressed like a clown, as Claire had encountered a hostile adult who brushed her out of the way on Thursday (leaving her in tears), so I "helped" the kids do some outside, pre-show clowning on Friday and Saturday's shows. Sooooooo, pappa clown (me) substituted into the act and took over the physical parts of Matthew's routine while he played the saxophone with his throbbing swollen arm in a sling. Here's the result...


Today, I x-rayed Matthew and there's a suspicion of a possible radial epiphysis fracture (Salter-Harris type) so he's in a backslab plaster and arm in a sling till at least Wednesday.


I suspect that he'll earn some kudos tomorrow at school when he's seen with his arm in plaster and in a sling. He showed tremendous courage to go back out and put on a show with a possible broken arm only 30 mins after it happened.


P.S. The Volunteer from the audience was the school's Principal. :evilgrin: