Posted: Aug 08, 2010 6:01 am
by OlivierK
Watching a Disney movie (The Little Mermaid, I think) my then-5-year old daughter turned to me at the wedding scene, and asked "In the movies it's always a girl and a boy who fall in love and get married, but in the real world it could be two girls or two boys, right?" I explained that while girls usually fell in love with boys that she was right, and while same-sex couples who love each other and live together could not yet get married in Australia, that might change soon. "Cool!," she replied, "because it would be completely unfair if they can''t."

Insightful as that was, it was what came next that floored me. She's got younger brothers and her total understanding of sex is that you need a mummy and a daddy to make a baby. So faced with the news that same-sex couples did exist in the non-Disneyfied world, she came out with (as close to a direct quote as I can recall) "But without a mummy and a daddy, they wouldn't be able to have their own kids. That must be really sad for them, but they could still adopt if they wanted kids, right?" (one of her friends is adopted so she knows about that).

Very much a proud daddy moment :)