Posted: Aug 31, 2010 9:04 pm
by Jain
Fantastic Durro!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! Claire was fab and Matthew was fab too, with his poorly arm Awwwwwww. As for you, well, love the socks thy suit you!!!! i properly LOL'ed espcially when claire did the back flip thing and the head teacher was supposed to follow!!! LOL!

CJ CONGRATULATIONS GRANDAD!!! Let us know if it will be a granddaughter or grandson when you find out!!!!! How exctiting!!

My two start back at school on thursday, it will be my sons first day at school *cry* He had his arm out of plaster today after breaking his elbow.He fell bown the stairs backwards after trying to climb it like spiderman! Apart from a very dried up smally arm under the plaster he is fine now.

Jain xxx