Posted: Aug 31, 2010 9:13 pm
by CJ
Jain wrote:Fantastic Durro!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! Claire was fab and Matthew was fab too, with his poorly arm Awwwwwww. As for you, well, love the socks thy suit you!!!! i properly LOL'ed espcially when claire did the back flip thing and the head teacher was supposed to follow!!! LOL!

CJ CONGRATULATIONS GRANDAD!!! Let us know if it will be a granddaughter or grandson when you find out!!!!! How exctiting!!

My two start back at school on thursday, it will be my sons first day at school *cry* He had his arm out of plaster today after breaking his elbow.He fell bown the stairs backwards after trying to climb it like spiderman! Apart from a very dried up smally arm under the plaster he is fine now.

Jain xxx

It's a grandson. When the nurse was doing the ultrasound she told Claire she was having a son, Claire asked how the nurse could tell. The nurse pointed to the screen and said 'Penis, testicles.' Not much she could say to that!

So you'll be rattling around the house all on your ownsom, lots of study time now!