Posted: Sep 03, 2010 10:40 am
by pennypitstop
Jain wrote:Thanks, I think he's very handsome too!!! :D I was a half blubbering wreck! I pulled myself together very well though!!! LOL I shed a few tears and then went to work :(

Oh he's adorable Jain!

Auryn starts pre-school on Monday, big school next year! Labeling clothes has been interesting as both the kids wear the same clothes, even swapping coats depending on who fancies which one that particular day (the youngest has larger feet though and a bigger bum so at least shoes and undies are separate). Very much a unisex wardrobe in this household as I have a nasty reaction to girls clothing covered in pink, sequins or vomitous slogans.

I had to ask them which coats and sweatshirts they preferred as well as mark up a change of clothes with just Auryn's name in it.

Lunch bag and bag all sorted too.

Also Auryn starts ballet lessons next week, he's been practising pointy toes since watching ballet on telly!

Edit *Grats to Grandad CJ!