Posted: Mar 16, 2010 10:58 am
by Melhael
Grimstad wrote:My own experience agrees with you. I have found that if you actually talk to them like adults they think like adults.

I completely agree. So many so-called adults turn into drunk monkeys when interacting with children: they produce barely understandable words, repeat syllables and use moronic words. It's pathetic and doesn't help at all: children need to be treated with respect in order to learn and achieve their potential.

Childhood is wonderful: we can explore without consequences. Adults deal with consequences for children, that's our role: not dumbing down the world for them. On the contrary, we should encourage them to excel not to be mediocre. Childhood is the only brief time in our life when we are free of worries, can dream, play, imagine, create and think without having to worry about food, rent, responsibilities and all those things.

Besides, treating kids as idiots only has one effect: kids start to mistrust adults and reach the inevitable conclusion... adults are a bunch of helpless idiots. ;)

Which we aren't most of the time. But it's our loss if we give up on children, causing them to give up on us. (I gave up on adults very early in my life and became very lonely. I'm still in the process of embracing adulthood as something not so despicable as I thought... work in progress... ;))