Posted: Dec 11, 2010 8:21 pm
by The Damned
ChasM wrote:
The Damned wrote:IF they are sharp enough they wont loose that edge, surely?

I think that as most people get older, they lose that childhood perspective, nearly completely forgetting what life was like as a child. Even if they are quite psychologically sharp in their day-to-day dealings with adults, many fail to empathize with children effectively.

For parents, this can result in a couple of standard behaviors: a) they become stricter, and their daily communication with the child is constantly full of strife (I know of no other way to correct Johnny's defiant behavior than to constantly challenge him), or b) they become overly permissive, ignoring a child's bad behavior in order to avoid conflict (it's okay, Johnny will grow out of it eventually). The paradoxical truth is that children desire both leniency and liberty as well as ritual and structure.

QFT. Well said. I had a good grounding as child, I pushed the barriers but the line was clear, you crossed it you got a metaphorical slap, I don't think a lot of children have a decent line nowadays. children are no different than they were 200 thousand years ago, to excel all they need is a decent role model, and someone who hasn't forgotten what its like to be a child also.