Posted: Dec 11, 2010 8:30 pm
by The Damned
Animavore wrote:This is a pet hate of mine.
I remember being a child and I remember adults patronising me and thinking I was fucking stupid :nono:
I don't get why adults do this. Do they not, also, remember being a child?

No adults are fucking retarded. :D


Yeah I agree I was a bright child I never needed to be talked to slowly and have points reiterated a million times. I tend to therefore treat kids like they have a mind, and can think, patronising kids in the modern world when they are often so savy is pointless. Kids today are far more savy about the adult world than I ever was so we should cut them some slack until they start acting like idiots. Essentially kids are idiots, but we should only treat them as retarded when they behave like idiots. We shouldn't assume by default they are.