Posted: Dec 11, 2010 10:22 pm
by ChasM
reisender wrote:Even at around age 7, children say they hate it when adults talk to them 'like kids' in a high tone baby voice.

Reminds me of a good point that I forgot to add in the post above. Often parents and teachers are completely unaware of their change in tone when talking to children (on occasion, I sadly must include myself in this category). Of course kids pick it up right away. I encourage my 7 year-old to call me on it.
They also seem to hate the question "how is school?".

Yup, that sure is a deadly question, one that is almost guaranteed to elicit a null response (with a touch of contempt) :snooty: . And yet I find myself dropping in on occasion when picking her up from school. (:doh: Some people have a tough time learning. Her teacher did give me a handy question sheet about specific things - activities, books, friends, etc. - which has been much more effective than that unimaginative question.)