Posted: Mar 20, 2010 8:24 pm
by Scarlett
My husband was chatting with our 3yr old telling her he's going to Africa soon to work. They were chatting about what he might see when he's in Africa, 'the jungle' says Tia, dad agrees, yes he might see the jungle. They then chatted about what animals were in the jungle, she wanted bunnies and things but was impressed with tigers and snakes etc. Then she said 'monkeys! You see monkeys in the jungle', yes you do said her dad, maybe I'll see monkeys. They then chatted about what plants he might find, there were big trees, and huge plants, then Tia said 'bananas, dad said 'I'm not sure Tia, there might not be bananas'

'Of course there'll be bananas, there are monkeys'

Now I'm not arguing that a monkey's staple diet is made up of bananas but thats her understanding from books and TV, I just love the reasoning, and she's just turned 3