Posted: Mar 27, 2010 8:46 am
by Mantisdreamz
Jain wrote:I work with the general public, I am not saying a word!

Ditto, yet I will say something. Adults quite often sulk when they don't get their own way. But what is worse, is that if they don't agree with something, they reason that they should get something for it.... something to compensate for their irrationality!

I think children are pretty smart. Not necessarily smart in the way of knowledge... but they are good at picking up on bullshit, I think. I watched some man with a few of his children the other day, and I heard the father say in a warning voice: "Noow, you kids BE CAREFUL". :naughty: And then one of the older kids imitated him, in a mocking way. As if to say, "I know dad, we're not stupid". The thing is, kids make these responses without thinking or realizing what they saying - but do it as a reaction to the tone in a voice. When you're able to see past words and pick up on the true meaning of a statement through tone or action, I think that is smart. And kid's are pretty good at that.