Posted: May 01, 2013 2:33 am
by Biowatch
The Guardian article cites the Flynn Effect, but Professor Flynn himself acknowledges that the current trend is for the smartest women to have the least children & that inevitably will lead to the population becoming less intelligent.

An internationally recognised expert on intelligence warns New Zealand children could get dumber in three or four generations unless women with higher education started producing more babies.

Otago University emeritus professor Dr Jim Flynn was commenting on census figures that show mothers without a higher education were the anchor of New Zealand's current fertility rate.

"Everyone knows if we only allowed short people to reproduce there would be a tendency in terms of genes for height to diminish. Intelligence is no different from other human traits," he told the Sunday Star-Times.

"A persistent genetic trend which lowered the genetic quality for brain physiology would have some effect eventually."

Statistics show women without tertiary qualifications who had reached their early 40s had produced 2.57 babies each. ... d=10450313

Crabtree is incorrect though to suggest that people 5000 years ago would have been smarter. The trend up till the Industrial Revolution was actually for the most able to have the most children. ... ution.html