Posted: Nov 18, 2013 5:36 am
by 4 Hours
Agrippina wrote:I think crabtree is basing his ideas on perceived ignorance, rather than actual stupidity.

These results are based on outcomes of IQ tests. As such they have a lot more to do with intelligence as such than ignorance. Gifted children who have little learning nonetheless manage to do very well on IQ tests.

Agrippina wrote:I don't think people are becoming less intelligent, but rather that they aren't encouraged to become more informed, knowledgeable because being highly educated, and knowledgeable is seen as a "bad" thing, and even elitist.

Agreed. Notice that people whose love of learning is such that it gives them no choice but to accept the most politically incorrect viewpoints tend to be viewed with scorn and derision by others.

It's almost as though there are examples on this forum.