Posted: Nov 25, 2013 9:03 am
by Veida
stevecook172001 wrote:Natural selection occurs in the unforgiving crucible an organism's capacity to survive to reproductive age in the face of unrelenting environmental demands. Any organism that does not meet these demands will die before that point and so not pass on its genes to a next generation. It's as simple and as brutal as that.

No, that's actually not a fair description of natural selection.

Natural selection is about differential reproductive success. Dying before reproductive age is one way to be worse than others at reproducing. Another way is to have less offspring. Natural selection can be in play even if no single individual dies before reproductive age, and even if all individuals have offspring. All that is required is that there is a difference in how well individuals reproduce, and that the traits which cause this are hereditary.

Therefore, as long as on average, those who are slightly better endowed in terms of intelligence have slightly more children than those who are slightly less fortunate, natural selection will favor higher intelligence.

It remains to be shown that this is not the case.