Posted: Nov 25, 2013 3:38 pm
by Veida
Beatsong wrote:
Veida wrote:There is obviously variation in hands, and there is obviously variation in brains.

Well yeah, there's variation in everything. The problem comes when we try to extrapolate specific things like a singular scale of "intelligence" from such variation. The simple and trivial fact that variation exists, does not mean that we can assume whatever we like about how that variation manifests itself.

Did I, though?

What I was arguing against was the notion that because virtually nobody dies before reproductive age anymore, at least not in the western world, natural selection does not provide any pressure towards maintaining or increasing human intelligence (whatever that is).

The only assumption made (and that is shared by the opposing view) is that whatever it is we call intelligence is to some extent heritable. I haven't claimed, for example, that intelligence can be measured as a single value.