Posted: Jun 07, 2014 9:03 pm

Firstly, this is my first post, and while I do not intend to simply re-hash a old topic; I think there is a fairly important aspect to this conversation which has been overlooked.

Barring whether or not Crabtree's findings are accurate, verifiable, falsifiable and repeatable, it raises the question as to whether or not increased intelligence is still evolutionary favourable. Evolution acts to select the "fittest", the members of a species which have genetic adaptions that provide a advantage in their environment.

If studies found a tendency for a species-wide decrease in IQ, this doesn't mean that the advent modern medicine and society is preventing evolution, only that the environment has changed and there is no longer selective pressure for increasing intelligence.

Just my thoughts, I would highly appreciate any feedback. This really isn't my area of expertise, just something that interests me.