Posted: Nov 11, 2014 2:32 am
by Griz_
She's a sweet looking dog.

It's such a tough call. We had to make a decision about surgery with a cat that was around 6. It was not looking good for her at all and we were warned of that but she lived to be 14. That was a fairly easy decision. Had the same decision with a dog that was about the same age and decided against. I still think it was the right thing. I think we are going to be facing a similar thing with our miniature pinscher who is 14 and really beginning to fail with arthritis. My view is that extending life does not always equate to quality of life. It's a very personal thing and so much depends on the best advice from your veterinarian as to the prognosis and weighing the benefit of surgery. I feel for you, man. I really do.